Michael Lacey Won Awards and Teaches Others

Once Michael Lacey realized he had a talent for mathematics, he started running with it. He continued learning about math problems and knew there were things that would help people see what they could do in different situations. As long as Michael Lacey felt good about the opportunities he had, he could keep giving back […]

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Talent Management

Brown Modeling Agency is a Career Starter

The Brown Agency is a great modeling and talent company with exponential people from central Texas and beyond. As a partner company with Wilhelmina Models, you know that they have reputable talent that needs no question. If you want to pursue a career in modeling, acting, production, creativity, styling, artistry, etc, or to hire talent, […]

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Business | Technology Company

Talk Fusion: A New Brand of Success

A recent article entitled, “Does the Talk Fusion Apps Live Up to the Hype?” featured on discusses some of the benefits of a new video developing and streaming service. There’s no doubt that companies need to increase their technological presence to maintain a competitive edge over their peers. One way to do this is […]

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