Hair Care

How To Start Caring About Hair

Hair. It’s huge. The human body is covered in it. There is an average of 100,000 – 150,000 strands of hair on any given body at any given time. The point of this article is to learn more about hair. Whether you’re an expert or a total beginner when it comes to hair care, I’m […]

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Beauty Products

Smooth Hair For Every Season

Luscious locks take a beating all year long and without proper care, the task of keeping up on healthy hair can seem hopeless. Proper conditioning plays a very large role in this as heat styling, swimming and other day to day activities seem to work against us.   While some have this process perfected, others […]

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Neurocore: Examples of Sleep Disorders and their Impacts on the Mental and Physical Wellbeing of the Patients

Past medical reports indicate that many Americans have poor sleeping patterns. Many individuals are sleep deprived and register low productivity and have an increased risk factor for contracting to different health conditions. Lack of sleep increases the risk of contracting cancer, heart diseases, increasing weight, anxiety, and depression. It is shocking to note that health […]

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