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Gregory Aziz, CEO Of National Steel

May 19, 2018

National Steel Car is among the world’s pacesetters in car engineering and manufacturing when it comes to railroad freight vehicles which is headed by Gregory J Aziz who is its current President and CEO with its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg Aziz traces his roots from London, Ontario where he grew up. His tertiary education began at Ridley College, later on, he enrolled in the University of Western Ontario majoring his studies in economics. In the early 1970s, Greg ventured into the food business with their family business being known as Affiliated foods. The family business grew tremendously for over 16 years to be an international buyer of fresh foods from the central and southern Parts of the United States and Europe. They then distributed the imported fresh food to wholesale supermarkets in Eastern Canada and all across the United States.


During the late 19th century and early 20th century, Gregory James Aziz ventured into the banking industry and after working on several opportunities he was able to purchase National Steel Car. The company was purchased in 1994 from Dofasco. When buying this company Gregory J Aziz had an intention of revamping this Canadian firm to an exemplary company in North America when it came to the car business. Through his able leadership and vast experience, National Steel Car grew by more than three times in a span of 6 years with an initial manufacturing capability of 3500 vehicles per annum. With this tremendous growth in mind, employment too grew vastly from approximately 600 to almost 3000.


To this very date, National Steel Car is a world trendsetter in car innovation. Through years of exemplary car innovation and mass manufacturing capabilities, the company has become not only the best but has also been the only company that is ISO Certified in the railroad freight car industry. This certification has been in existence for almost two decades through numerous recertification.


Aside from this career, James Aziz together with his family has been recognized for their aid to the equestrian sporting activities. They have actively 1been involved in the sport over the years and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Read This Article for related information.


Greg James Aziz is forthwith an influential figure in the North American Business community. His life is considered iconic not only because of his success at the company he is stewarding but also his off-duty works of philanthropy where he and his wife are currently the sponsors of the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. This is recognized as Canada’s prominent agricultural related fair.


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