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Jason Hope’s Anti-aging Mission

October 27, 2018

Jason Hope’s Anti-aging Mission

Being an entrepreneur, futurist and businessman, Jason Hope is a passionate philanthropist who is always connected to the technology world. In his work as a philanthropist, Jason Hope actively gives back to his society back in Scottsdale, Arizona. He also offers scholarships to young entrepreneurs who have shown innovative ability on his website.

The most passionate cause Hope has endeavored to support to date has got to be his investment in the anti-aging industry. As he fervently seeks to see the industry make a positive mark on society, he is driven by his mission to improve peoples’ lifespan by ridding them of illness and disease.

Hope’s work in the anti-aging industry dates back to 2010, when he began showing his passion for their cause by donating $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. Since the non-profit organisation was launched in 2009, Jason Hope has closely followed the SENS Foundation’s growth and innovations. The organisation’s chief science officer and founder, Aubrey de Grey has since upheld his mission to use the most advanced research, education and medicine he can get his hands on to change the anti-aging world. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

Just as his name, Hope has shed a light on the efforts of the SENS Foundation having donated approximately $1 million to their cause. His efforts have been so impressive over the years that he has never weakened in his support for the mission. The SENS Foundation takes an advanced approach to treating diseases. Unlike in traditional approach of just treating the symptoms, they work on prevention of the disease and longevity. Totally in approval of this approach, Jason Hope advocates for the cause, consistently funding and seeking ways to improve it.

Age comes with a horde of chronic diseases. Some of the most common diseases affecting old people are Alzheimer’s, lung disease, high blood pressure and heart disease. Since Hope is also very engaged with the world of technology, the foundation has adopted modern cutting edge technology to find ways to combat the diseases. They also have some of the best trained doctors and medicine scientists doing research on the same.

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