Luiz Carlos Trabuco Asked To Take Up Position As Chairman Of Bradesco

March 30, 2018

Bradesco is among some of the more well-known banks in Brazil, which is why changes to the workings of its management would, of course, cause a stir in the industry. When Bradesco announced that they were experiencing changes in its control as a result of the previous chairman of the company deciding to retire. Upon announcing his retirement, people all over the country were left wondering who the next person to take up this notable position would be. There was an incredible amount of speculation, and Bradesco finally decided to make Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the former President, the chairman of Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been a member of Bradesco for most of his career. He first started to work at Bradesco as a bank teller. He wanted to work in the banking sector and always wanted to work in a company that would help him develop. Bradesco has always had a good name for themselves which is why he decided to join this particular company.

Even though Trabuco had an early start into the banking sector, the road to the top was harder than one would expect. He had to go through several hurdles and challenges to reach the top and was ultimately given the post of CEO of one of the divisions of Bradesco. As he grew professionally, so did his reputation. He came to be known as an incredibly hard worker who always operated for the benefit of the company. The time he took over in the position of chief operating officer of Bradesco Seguros was one of the more profitable times for the company. Trabuco had implemented a number of changes that the company needed, which helped them grow and offer a wider range of banking services. Overall, he was seen as an incredibly beneficial leader, which is also why he was later offered the post of President of Bradesco.


Trabuco took up this new post in 2009 and had big plans that he wanted to incorporate at Bradesco. Some of these plans included ones that would expand the outlets that the bank was offering its services through. In this manner, Bradesco was able to reach more people than it did before. Because of the efforts that Trabuco put in, the company grew to be the most sought-after private bank in the entire country. People all over Brazil began to choose Bradesco as their first preference when finding a bank to open up an account in.

While Trabuco takes over the position of Chairman at Bradesco, the post of President of the company would thereby become vacant. With that in mind, the company decided that they would instate Octavio de Lazari as the new President of the company. Octavio had been working in the field for the past several years and had been an incredibly essential part of Bradesco. Both the professionals are said to take on their respective positions in the second week of March which is when they will be officially initiated to their positions.

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