The Academy of Art University Inspires its Students

May 14, 2019

The Academy of Art University offers many opportunities to its students to grow and cultivate their talents. The university offers over 30 different areas of study, and they are taught by experienced and passionate design experts.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco and is the hub for countless students who want to pursue their art careers.

The Academy of Art University has just launched its 21st runway show at the Skylight Clarkson Square, and they showcased ten of its best designers. Each of the designers has a different background and they brought their history and memories come to life through fabrics and materials. They also created menswear and clothing collections for women that are practical and beautiful.

Hailun Zhou was inspired by photographs and created dresses out of PVC and vinyl while Eden Slezin used vintage denim and recycled bike tubes to create new and unique pieces. Dina Marie Lam used soft and warm fabrics to convey the emotions she felt with teh passing of her aunt.

Carlos Rodriguez used intricate embroidery details to create garments that were inspired by his roots in Mexico City and California. Saya Shen was inspired by nature and transferred her landscape photos to her fabrics. Joanna Jadallah created a menswear collection with the use of lightweight wool, leather, and knits. Cana Klebanoff was inspired by castle architecture and samurai armor.

Each and every one of the students of the students of The Academy of Art University is encouraged to really dig deep and to get inspiration from memories, roots, and from their surrounding environment. Jelly Shan created a collection that was both edgy and girly and she wasn’t afraid to experiment a little to achieve the look that she was going for.

The Academy has been teaching students for almost 90 years, and it is the largest private art and design university in the entire nation. They are an all-inclusive university and they believe in all of their students. They offer a world class education and they offer stellar undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certificate and portfolio programs.