The Instincts And Passion Of Fashion Business Mogul Glenn Schlossberg

April 19, 2019

Glenn Schlossberg is an inventor, a business mogul and an entrepreneur. He spent his early life working in his father’s dress factory. He learned his father’s trade from the bottom up. He learned how to create and construct a garment, but believed there was more to life than working for his father. He had no formal education when he founded Jump. The brand offered formal wear for young women to wear to prom or homecoming. He created ten new labels during the next three decades. Glenn Schlossberg became successful due to his ingenuity, insight and ability to predict the trends of the future.

Glenn Schlossberg is passionate about speed including his designs, business and product turnaround, He is also a collector of MacClerans, motorcycles and motocross items. He visits the most elite motocross and driving facilities to feed his passion for speed and beats his own time on private race tracks across the globe. He is always trying to improve his brand and capitalize on industry trends. His eye for fabric, detail and seeing upcoming trends way before they happen is amazing. His passion has led him to Korea and China to explore new sources, designs and fashions for inspiration.

Schlossberg spotted the trend for Lycra thirty years ago and focused on a Junior dress division. The cotton Lycra dresses had extremely strong sales. His next insight was a division for plus sizes. He created evening wear for Juniors in plus sizes and he was right again. Glenn Schlossberg recognized unfulfilled needs in the fashion industry. He created the Tiana B daytime dress line which became his best-selling and most widely produced items. He recently acquired Cathy Daniels Apparel. His insight and reinvention was invaluable for the sportswear company established forty years ago. He keeps his production local to New Jersey and New York.

Glenn Schlossberg sells twenty percent of his apparel lines throughout the world including Europe, South Africa, Australia, South America, Mexico and Canada. He has received awards from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Small Business Trade Association and the Chamber of Commerce in New York City. He contributes to numerous charities including the American Ballet and raising funding for cancer research. He mentors young entrepreneurs while making an impact on their lives. He has offered personal tours to producers and budding designers in the world of fashion. His favorite piece of advice is not to waste any time getting started.